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"I’ve been listening to these for months and I’ve experienced a dramatic change in my life."

Harper M.

"This app has saved me from the ravages of my anxiety."

Cicilia Hartley

"I feel more calm, make better decisions and achieve more when I listen to SelfTalk+ daily."

Celia Fournier

"I'm honestly blown away by how good I feel...I have so much energy, enjoyment in work, fun interacting with people, hope for my future."

Timothy Smith

"This has changed my life so much and I will never be able to express my gratitude."

Reece Wife

"Easy and simple to use. I've used it everyday in the morning as part of my routine and the positivity has helped me reframe my thinking."

Shawn McNeilan

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Self-Talk Tip: It’s science. The more your brain receives the right, repeated messages, the more you wire your brain to succeed. Listening to self-talk rewires your brain.


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Self-Talk+™️ is $19.99 per month

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Self-Talk Tip: The key to rewiring your brain for success is repetition. The best way to create the right programs in your brain is to listen to self-talk.

Self-Talk Tip: Because of ‘neuroplasticity,’ the brain physically rewires itself with repeated self-talk. Listen daily. The key is repetition.

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Learn from the Father of Self-Talk

For more than forty years, Shad Helmstetter, Ph.D. has been the preeminent researcher and writer in the field of self-talk. During that time, he has taught millions of individuals how to improve their lives by listening to specially-worded, self-talk programs.
Dr. Helmstetter is the founder of the Self-Talk Institute, and the author of more than 25 books in the field of self-talk and personal growth. With Self-Talk Plus+, Dr. Helmstetter’s powerful self-talk programs are now available to listen to anytime, anywhere—helping you change your life by literally rewiring your brain for success.
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Three Simple Steps to Positive Change

1. Choose any Self-Talk subject and start listening

This is the official source for all of Dr. Shad Helmstetter’s complete library of self-talk sessions – from weight-loss and self-esteem to career and business-building, success, relationships, and more.

2. Listen for 15 minutes a day

It’s science. The more your brain receives the right, repeated messages, the more you wire your brain to succeed. Listening to self-talk rewires your brain.

3. Experience the positive change in your mindset and your life

Although it usually takes a minimum of three to four weeks to begin to form new programs in the brain, you can expect to notice a difference in your attitude almost immediately, and changes in how you’re thinking in even a few days of listening. The longer you listen, the more ‘permanent’ the new programs become.

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Bethany Jones
“I have seen the power of self-talk change my entire life in direct and tangible ways. Of all the tools you could put into your tool belt, listening to positive self-talk is one of the MOST powerful. I urge everyone I know to learn it, use it and continue to put it into practice for their entire lives.  It will change you forever, in the best possible way!”
Dr. Ian Lavine
“Listening to Self-Talk by Dr. Shad Helmstetter has literally helped me to think with greater clarity and focus. Overall, I have been transformed into a super positive individual, which shows in my speech, attitude and behavior. People often comment on how positive and happy I always am. Self-talk has also given my wife Celita mental resilience and focus, especially during the Covid -19 Pandemic. Our three daughters have also been positively affected. Self-talk works.”
Anne and Tim Poirier
Anne: “Self-talk has completely changed the trajectory of our lives. If it wasn’t for Tim first wanting to train with Dr. Helmstetter, I would have never left the job I was in, never have gone back to school, never have started our company, and I certainly would not have had the confidence to write my book the “BodyJoyful.”  Tim:“Listening to self-talk helps me stay focused, balanced and in control. It is calming and is something I can use when I need or want an encouraging pep talk.  My favorite self-talk audios to listen to are Health & Fitness, Financial Success, Mastering Goals, Self-talk for Selling, and Taking Control of your Life.” 
Rich Vosler
“My life has been profoundly changed by listening to self-talk. I grew up with many negative influences and self talk helped me get past them and has helped increase my self esteem, which is the foundation of all successful endeavors in life. It has also helped me get past hard experiences that otherwise would have caused deep depression and anxiety. I am forever grateful for the wonderful effect self-talk has had in my life.”
Capri Wesley
Listening to self-talk has been life changing. It almost seems easy to change the way you talk to yourself, but we actually have to learn how to rewire our brain, and listening to positive self-talk does that. My success in work and life can be attributed to my positive outlook after listening to self-talk. I have shared self-talk with many of my family and friends as well and to see them change their way of believing in themselves and thinking positive, is incredible.
Sergey Dunayev
"By consciously replacing old negative, limiting, harmful neural pathways with the new, “Positive Self-Talk Highways,” I gained clarity and determination in my life; overcame huge obstacles brought to me and to my family by unforeseen circumstances; turned my entire career around, and found new health, wealth, and happiness. I turned my personal health around from being pre-diabetic, overweight and hypertensive to a clean bill of health. As a result of practicing sustainable healthy lifestyle habits, I feel younger, lighter, happier than ever before in my life. I help my clients reach their health and fitness goals by practicing three major aspects: Positive Self-Talk, sustainable healthy nutrition habits, and structured functional fitness training."

We're here to answer your questions.


What is positive self-talk?

Positive self-talk uses repetition to wire positive new programs into the brain, by listening to them daily, in the same way the brain was designed to be programmed in the first place.

In Self-Talk+, each self-talk listening session consists of specially-worded messages which are repeated in a precise way. With repetition, these self-talk messages 'wire' word-for-word positive new attitudes, choices, and actions into your brain. Positive self-talk, practiced in this way, rewires the brain for success, in each area of your life.

How is self-talk different from ‘affirmations'?

The self-talk in these sessions differs from ‘affirmations’ in many ways. Affirmations are typically general or spiritual in nature, and are usually read or stated only infrequently.

The positive self-talk in each of these sessions, is similar to teaching you an entire new language—the language and vocabulary of success.  The self-talk you hear on Self-Talk+ is made up of specific, recorded directions and instructions that you give to your brain through intensive daily repetition, by hearing them. Instead of occasionally repeating a single thought or two, like you would with an affirmation, self-talk is designed to wire your brain with an entire language on a broad variety of subjects — a complete, positive vocabulary of success.

How much time does it take?

Listening to self-talk does not take up any of your time, because you listen to it in the "background." Many people listen to self-talk sessions while driving or riding to work, at lunch, working around the house, while walking, running, or working out, or in the background sometime during each day, while they're occupied doing something else.

You do not have to focus on the self-talk for it to be effective. Just let it play in the background as you're going about your day.

What are the best times of the day to listen to self-talk?

There are times during the day that are especially effective for listening to self-talk. The first is when you're getting ready in the morning. Listen to the self-talk in the background while you're preparing for the day. When you listen each morning, you're literally setting yourself up mentally to have a more successful day.

Another good time to listen is just before you go to sleep at night. (Many people wear earbuds and listen to self-talk sessions while they're falling asleep.)

What is the best self-talk ‘subject’ to begin with?

Start with the subject you’d like to work on most, as your first “focus” subject. Listen to sessions from that subject at least once each day for up to three weeks. Meanwhile, you can also listen to other subjects at any time, but continue to listen to sessions from your “focus” subject daily.

How long does it take to notice the positive effects of listening to self-talk?

Although it usually takes a minimum of three to four weeks to begin to form new programs in the brain, you can expect to notice a difference in your attitude almost immediately, and changes in how you’re thinking in even a few days of listening. The longer you listen, the more ‘permanent’ the new programs become.

Can anyone benefit from listening to self-talk?

Yes, listening to self-talk regularly can benefit anyone. We all talk to ourselves all of the time (mostly unconsciously and mostly negatively). Listening to the right self-talk in these sessions replaces negative or questionable self-talk with the right messages, helps the brain wire in the new messages ‘permanently,’ and literally retrains the brain with a whole new habit of thinking in a healthier, more positive way.

How long should I continue to listen to self-talk?

The most noticeable benefits may occur during the first weeks and months of listening, but continued listening keeps you on track and constantly reinforces the new, positive programs you have created. Many people enjoy listening to self-talk each day so much, that they make it a life-long pursuit. By doing so, they make each day more positive and productive, and they continue to grow and improve year after year.

How old do you have to be to start listening?

Self-talk can be listened to at any age – from infancy on. There are even special self-talk sessions specifically designed for young children.

Membership & Enrollment questions

What do I need to know about the 30-day free trial?

Sign up for our 30-day free trial, and start listening free immediately. You can cancel your membership at any time.

Is there a family membership plan?

Your personal membership in Self-Talk Plus+™ automatically entitles you to include up to 5 family members at no extra cost, as part of your membership.

If I sign up and decide not to continue, can I stop my membership at any time?

You can discontinue your membership in Self-Talk Plus+™ at any time. To unsubscribe, login into your Self-Talk Plus account using your username & password. Click the "Cancel" button to discontinue your account.

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